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The Minnesota Surveyors and Engineers Society (MSES) is a professional society dedicated to excellence in transportation engineering in Minnesota. We have about 1,400 members who are engineers, surveyors, planners, technicians, administrators, sales representatives, contractors and construction personnel. Members and friends make special donations. The result is a scholarship program that annually assists deserving students interested in transportation engineering.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Minnesota Surveyors and Engineers Society (MSES) to support and improve the transportation industry in the State of Minnesota by providing scholarships to deserving Minnesota college students who demonstrate strong academic performance along with an interest in working in the transportation field.

In accomplishing our mission, MSES members from the broad range of organizations within the industry will also improve their effectiveness through better communications and improved understanding gained through working together to support the students.

It will be the goals of MSES to try to generate financial support for its programs through activities that are fun and that build good will among its members.