All are invited!  This is an informal event to introduce students to MSES - especially to find out about our Scholarship Program and learn about our society, meeting present (and past) scholarship recipients, alumni, and ALL MSES members to talk about the value of networking. 

Room 210 Trafton Science Center East, next door to the Department Office
5 - 7 pm

Google Maps link to building:

Parking near the Trafton East building is limited.  Alternative parking is at the “Visitor’s Paylot”, marked in yellow on the 3D Perspective map.  When you arrive, please let Dr. Wilde know if you need a parking voucher.

Special thanks to Dr. Jim Wilde, PE, Susan Ward and others for helping organize this first-time event.

MSU-Mankato Civil Engineering webpage

**If possible, email me or call if you’re coming – thank you!  If not, that's fine, too, just come!

MORE Networking events with Students - we invite members to meet the students, let them know what MSES is about and invite to apply for our scholarships:

- SCSU - Thursday, Feb. 16, 4:30 - 6 pm, Room 115 Centennial Hall

Are you interested in sponsoring the pizza for this gathering?  Please let me know!