The On-Line Member Directory is HERE!   You have been asking for years - it has arrived! 

During the week of December 4, MSES members will be sent an email with personalized link to login, manage your member information, and search the MSES member directory.

The Directory
We limited the information available to respect your privacy.  Name, employment, email address, year joined, committee memberships and education fields (if provided by member) will be available for MSES members to view.  

My Information
Members will be able to modify email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, employment, and we are asking for education info-school(s), degree(s), graduation year (for one degree) - free text fields.

What information can I not manage but is in my record?
Your membership Renewal Date with last payment date, your join date, committee memberships and involvement as well as other fields are displayed for you. Please contact to correct or review this information - we want it to be accurate. 

Additional dues payment option now available!  We encourage you to pay for your dues using the online buttons AND we now provide a way for you to set up recurring yearly payments. For all payments, please give the office up to 5 days to post your payment to your record.  Check payments will continue to be accepted, but online is preferred! 

Your initial email to the online directory: When launched, you will receive an email from "" titled "MSES Online Member Database - Your Personalized Account Details" which will give you a one-time login html address.  Use that to login once to create a password,and update any other information [see below for details on updating info.]  If you log in at a later date forgetting your password, you have the option to reset it using the "Forgot your password?" link.

To update your information there are three screens.  NOTE - you can edit all screens before hitting "save"
- MEMBER SETTINGS: name, login info, preferred and alternate email addresses, street address preferred-office or home, preferred phone number.  NOTE: to enter address, if creating for first time, put "United States" in country field, that will populate the address fields.  You can edit all the other screens first before hitting "save".
- EMPLOYMENT: Enter your Job Title, Employer, Employer Category (use the button for one:public, contractor, vendor, consultant, association or other). And Retired button: Yes or No.
- EDUCATION: Please enter as much information as you'd like others to see.  There is only one date field for graduation, use for whichever date you want displayed - undergraduate, or graduate.  All other education fields are free text, you can input as much as you'd like.