Starting this year, 2018-19, the Minnesota Residency requirement has been removed for our core-schools' scholarships!

And, University of MN - Duluth is now a Core school, formerly At-Large school, for in-person interviews with our Scholarship Committee volunteers!

And, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul has been added as our newest At-Large School this year!

The application process is now beginning for 2018-19.  The online applications will be posted below for each school.  What amazing students we are privileged to meet and interview for MSES.  We now have six teams of MSES volunteers who interview at campuses in person: University of MN-Twin Cities, North Dakota State University, MN State University-Mankato, St. Cloud State University, newly added University of MN-Duluth as a core school, and video interviews for the At-Large schools, adding University of St. Thomas this year.  It isn't easy to determine who will receive scholarships, the maximum being $2,000, but we are honored to do so.  We look forward to meeting students for this year's process!  The scholarship recipients are proudly listed at http://mses.org/scholarship-awards.


2018-19: Fill-in applications are being posted below.  We do not yet have all deadlines or interview dates for schools.  They will be posted here as they are determined.  Also, contact ann@mses.org to be notified of these updates.

General notes on the scholarship application process:
- If you're interested in applying for a scholarship, please read the cover letter of your school's application; download, complete and follow directions given.  Each school has its own process with deadlines, interviews, and interview teams.
- Land surveying scholarships are available only to St. Cloud State University students
- Civil engineering scholarships available to all other schools listed.

The informal in-person interviews for the Core schools generally occurs mid-February through March.  Dedicated MSES Scholarship Committee members look forward to this volunteer opportunity to meet with you informally.  We have five sets of teams to accomodate these schools.

For the At-Large School applications, we are generally not able to interview in person, but will ask for your availability for an online video interview.  The deadline is usually late/February early March and will be noted on the posted application. 

Core MSES Scholarship schools: 
    •   University of Minnesota - Twin Cities: deadline Tues. Feb. 20 - noon, interview dates: Feb. 21 and Feb. 26 (through Tiffany Ralston)
    •   Minnesota State University, Mankato: deadline EXTENDED TO Wed, March 14, interview date: Wed, March 21 (through Jean Willaert)
    •   North Dakota State University: deadline Wed., Feb. 28, interviews on Fri. March 2 (through Milka Singha)
    •   St. Cloud State University, Land Surveying:  deadline Fri. Feb. 16 - noon, interviews Fri. Feb. 23 (through Eric Fuller)
    •   University of Minnesota - Duluth: deadline Thur., March 1, interviews Thur. March 15  (through Sanna Shields)

At-large MSES Scholarship schools:  Deadline Mon. Feb. 26, Video interviews Thursday, March 1 (noon--4 pm)
    •   Iowa State University                                                •   University of North Dakota
    •   Michigan Technological University                            •   University of Wisconsin - Madison
    •   South Dakota School of Mines and Technology       •   University of Wisconsin - Platteville
    •   South Dakota State University                                  •   University of St. Thomas, St. Paul (NEW)
    •   University of Iowa