Through its core mission, the Minnesota Surveyors and Engineers Society supports deserving students in the transportation field by providing financial assistance through the MSES Scholarship program. The amount contributed to the MSES Scholarship program depends on the funding that is available on an annual basis in the MSES Scholarship Trust Fund. 

For over 60 years, MSES has been awarding academic scholarships to students interested in transportation. The MSES Scholarship program started in the 1953- 1954 school year. Since that time, the MSES Scholarship has become the largest Civil Engineering scholarship program in Minnesota - awarding over $1.2 million since the start of the program. Over the years, the MSES Scholarship program has grown to include thirteen Universities throughout the Midwest that are eligible to participate in the MSES Scholarship program: 

Core MSES Scholarship schools: 
    •   University of Minnesota - Twin Cities                        •   Minnesota State University, Mankato
    •   North Dakota State University                                   •   St. Cloud State University

At-large MSES Scholarship schools: 
    •   Iowa State University                                                  •   University of Minnesota - Duluth 
    •   Michigan Technological University                            •   University of North Dakota 
    •   South Dakota School of Mines and Technology      •   University of Wisconsin - Madison 
    •   South Dakota State University                                   •   University of Wisconsin - Platteville 
    •   University of Iowa 

Every year at its January meeting, the MSES Board of Directors (BOD) sets the amounts of the total and individual Scholarship awards and then directs the Scholarship Committee to begin the solicitation process. 

Your school is not on this list? Please contact Ann Manthey to let her know that your school is interested in participating in the MSES Scholarship program.